TeamworkIQ App for Zapier
TeamworkIQ App for Zapier

TeamworkIQ App for Zapier

Integrate Your TeamworkIQ Processes and Workflows with 2,000+ Other Online Apps

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Automate Workflows in Minutes

The benefits of automated workflows and processes are clear, but how can you get such systems into place quickly and cost effectively? TeamworkIQ and Zapier provide the answer. There’s no coding needed to create what you need. Simply outline your team’s business processes as step-by-step workflows and rules in TeamworkIQ, then use Zapier to create step-by-step integrations with the other apps you use every day. The TeamworkIQ App for Zapier lets you get it done fast.

1,000’s of Possibilities

Use the TeamworkIQ App for Zapier to connect events, tasks and data in your TeamworkIQ workflows to the events, actions and data in the over 2,000+ apps on the Zapier platform. That means you can trigger the start of new processes in TeamworkIQ when there’s a new lead in your CRM (e.g. Salesforce, HubSpot,, …), or start a new automated follow-up email campaign after a meeting with a prospective customer. Start recurring processes daily, weekly, monthly, or set up reoccurring schedules and processes for your payroll and accounting cycles. Automatically send alerts or notifications via Slack, Teams, Email, SMS, etc… Keep spreadsheets and dashboards up-to-date. Send ready-to-sign documents via DocuSign. Trigger phone calls, reorder supplies, and more. There’s 1,000’s of things you can do. (And you don’t actually have to do any of them once they are automated.)

Trigger Automated Workflows

Automatically detect events in TeamworkIQ to start new workflows in Zapier:

Process Event Triggers

  • New Started Process
  • New Completed Process
  • New Stopped Process

Task Event Triggers

  • New Actionable Task
  • New Past Due Task
  • New Completed Task
  • New Skipped Task
  • New Reopened Task

Every trigger and action returns task and processes data to use in other automated actions.

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Automate Actions and Decisions

Automate workflows and decisions using actions from over 2,000+ apps on Zapier including these from TeamworkIQ:

Actions for Processes

  • Launch Process from Template
  • Get Process Data, File Attachments, Info and Roles
  • Stop Process

Actions for Tasks

  • Start Task
  • Update Task Data, Task Forms, File Attachments
  • Complete Task
  • Reopen Task

Actions for Files, Forms, Task and Process Data

  • Get Process Data, Info and Roles
  • Update Task Data, Task Forms, File Attachments
  • Publish Task Data
  • Update Form Data
  • Convert Base64 Data Into File
  • Convert File Into Base64 Data

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