The Best Way To Manage Teams Who Work From Home? Use Automated, Collaborative Checklists

What Is The Best, Simplest Way To Manage Processes for Business Teams Who Work From Home?

Automated, Collaborative Checklists Provide a Simple Solution

Discover how online, collaborative, automated checklists and recurring process workflow software can substantially improve remote working. Signup for TeamworkIQ for free.

Managers and teams who work remotely stay coordinated, focused and productive by using automated, collaborative checklists to streamline business processes and workflows.

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Quickly Enable Teams To Work From Home With TeamworkIQ

More so now than ever before, the ability to work from home or remotely is vital to businesses and organizations. TeamworkIQ provides a quick, easy, and affordable way for business managers and teams to stay coordinated and highly productive when they work from home.

For Managers: Dashboards, task management, task tracking, process management

For Managers

  • Get visibility into and track everything that’s getting done remotely
  • Easily create processes, assign projects and delegate tasks
  • Quickly know when deadlines are missed or other issues arise
  • Document and share standard procedures (SOPs) and other business processes
  • Systematize recurring processes and procedures to start automatically
  • Automate workflows, notifications, and integrations with other business apps
Form Team Members: Prioritized tasks, reminders, due dates, assignments

For Team Members

  • See clear priorities, due dates and assignments
  • Easily coordinate tasks and processes with other team members
  • See what deadlines are approaching and what needs to get done to meet them
  • Quickly discover how to do work for which they may have questions or need more information
  • Know who to contact if issues or dependencies arise
  • Know that when they complete their work, everyone else involved can see that it’s been done

TeamworkIQ Overview & Key Features Video

Here’s how it works.

Create Reusable Process Templates, Checklists, and Tasks

Delegate and assign work to team members anywhere: At home, working remotely, or in the office.

  • Simply type up who needs to do what.
  • Assign tasks to people or roles.
  • Add due dates as needed.
  • Add forms, links, automations, instructions, images, and videos to create full featured workflows and interactive process documentation.
process templates for recurring processes, reoccurring workflows, and reusable procedures

Automate Workflows

As soon as you start a process, send a checklist, or assign a task, TeamworkIQ keeps work moving forward for you.

  • Anyone with actionable tasks sees them in their Assignments Inbox and on their Progress Dashboards.
  • When tasks for one process step are completed, tasks for the next step become actionable.
  • Due dates, reminders, notifications, and alerts keep everyone aware of what needs priority attention.
automate workflows

Monitor Progress and Get Alerts

Track all work in one convenient place.

  • Get visibility into all work with Dashboards and Prioritized Lists
  • Receive notifications and alerts when something needs your attention
  • Record who did what when and how long processes to complete for future analysis and process improvements.
track progress, progress bar, warning alert, task counts, checklist completed checkmark done

Gather and Share Data

Capture and share data seamlessly within your business checklists, workflows, and processes.

  • Review and approve content.
  • Attach files. Attach photos directly from mobile devices.
  • Add notes to any task or process step.
  • Create forms to capture all the information you need.
  • Push and pull data into and from the other systems you use.
gather data, workflow forms, text field, approval decision menu, comments

Integrate With The Apps You Use Everyday

Your TeamworkIQ processes, workflows, and checklists can be integrated with more than 2,000 other apps via Zapier or our Open APIs.

  • Launch new processes from events or data in your CRM or an online form.
  • Notify people via Slack, Teams, Text SMS, and more when something needs attention.
  • Start monthly, weekly, daily, or other recurring checklists

…and hundreds of more possibilities to save you time and money.

Automate more. Integrate TeamworkIQ with 1000's of other apps.

Remote Work Management Made Easy

While managers are able to track tasks easily in an office due to ongoing supervision, this can be less easy when team members work from home. TeamworkIQ allows managers to create simple checklists to structure process workflows. No matter where your team are, they are able to update their tasks and subtasks as they go. This simple ordering of work ensures clarity at every stage of a process.

Once created, you as a manager can then set up alerts and notifications to keep users (including yourself) up to date throughout the process. As any manager will know, task management usually requires active monitoring by a project supervisor or team leader. TeamworkIQ’s unique checklist process and workflow-driven platform helps to automate this for you. This reduces the time that is often lost on calls, in meetings or team chat when communicating information as tasks pass between team members.

coordinate teams who work remotely or form home with simple, automated checklists

Simple, Collaborative Remote Working

TeamworkIQ enables teams to work together cohesively with its smart collaborative business checklists, ultimately leading to improved productivity. Take a look at our most recent ‘work from home case study’ above where a remote team quadrupled their productivity within the first ten days of using TeamworkIQ. While this case study features a business from the mortgage industry, the principles are applicable to any team working from home, in any sector or industry.

Teams like yours find this is particularly useful for increasing accountability within a business. When a team member is unable to move forward with their own work because of delay elsewhere, teams who use TeamworkIQ work collaboratively, seeing the entire journey and better understanding the reasons for doing their specific function.

TeamworkIQ’s dashboard also assists with overseeing responsibility for a particular task. Our innovative dashboard not only displays what everyone is doing across teams but also allows team members to flag issues at any point in time. This means that there is less of a need to delay the involvement of managers, enabling issues to be resolved quickly and easily.

High Quality Results From Remote Team Members

For team members that are usually in the office, working from home could be significantly less productive. Without the familiar structure of an office and reliance upon a supervisor, it is not surprising that team dynamics suffer when people are disconnected. TeamworkIQ solves this issue with checklists specifically designed for remote working. Integrate TeamworkIQ with other collaboration software via Zapier. Send notifications to Slack, Teams, Text/SMS and other communication apps. Automatically start Zoom meetings. Integrate with your CRM, email newsletter systems, and other software your team uses every day. Zapier connect more than 2,000 SaaS apps together. And like TeamworkIQ, it’s easy.

Ensuring consistency across tasks and projects is essential. To help ensure consistent project management for those working remotely, you can set up automated email reminders for upcoming deadlines and even comment on tasks as and when they happen. Ensure tasks are completed first time and to the standard you require with the platform’s extensive task assignment, monitoring, and file attachment capabilities.

Smart Features

Roles and Assignments
smart assignments assign tasks to people by name or role name

Assign work to customizable Roles or directly to team members.

Dynamic Due Dates
dynamic due dates automatically calculate relative due dates for you

Set due dates and timelines relative to any other key date in the process.

Smart Workflows
smart workflows know how to assign tasks to the right person at the right time based on which process steps are sequential and which can happen in any order. Mix the two types together to create the workflows you need.

TeamworkIQ’s smarts keeps work moving forward for you.

Create Processes and Workflows

Master Template Library

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Simple checklists

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Detailed Task Instructions

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Pictures, Images, and Drawings

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Embedded Video

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Dynamic Variables

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Conditional Logic

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File and Photo Attachments

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Automated workflows

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Recurring schedules

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App Integrations, API

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Track Work, Get Things Done

Process Dashboard

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Prioritized tasks

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Reports when you want them

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Comments *

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Reminders and Alerts

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Task notes

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