Why TeamworkIQ

Why TeamworkIQ?

The Top 5 Reasons Customers Say They Love TeamworkIQ


Automation saves time and money.

“There are many ways we’ve saved time and money by switching to TeamworkIQ. It’s not just that work gets done in less time, it’s that we now get things done right and avoid correcting costly errors. Before, when we relied on email and spreadsheets, sometimes important tasks would get missed. Not anymore.”


It’s simple.

“You can type up your processes just like you would in a document or email. But, instead of just getting a process document, you get a fully interactive workflow that your team members can use.”


Faster and more agile than other approaches.

“We wanted to streamline our workflows but did not want it to take weeks, require high-cost developers, or use expensive software. With TeamworkIQ our team was able to get it done fast without needing outside help or a big budget.”


It’s for processes, not just tasks.

“We tried task list apps and project management tools first, but found they did not do a good job with recurring processes. We needed a fast and simple way to automatically coordinate processes. We still use project management software for projects. But we now use TeamworkIQ for our processes.”


We were already using checklists. We just wanted an easy way to manage it all.

“Before TeamworkIQ we would used paper checklists, then tried to do it as a Google Doc. But that turned out to be a pain because I had to keep it up-to-date by hand and then let everyone know what changed. TeamworkIQ now does all that for me and adds clear task assignments and due dates. It’s been just right for our checklist-driven processes.”

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