Use an interactive how-to guide workflow to create the ultimate training and reference materials.

Create the ultimate how-to guide workflow through this customizable template. Easily add videos, checklists, instructions, forms, and quizzes as needed.

Research shows that effective training is critical for employee productivity and competency. Often, training focuses on the routine activities an employee is responsible for. However, every now and then, employees need to perform activities they haven’t been trained to do. In both cases a step-by-step how-to guide provides a convenient reference that helps them learn and complete new processes and procedures quickly.

A how-to guide workflow simplifies multi-step procedures into simple, easy to follow checklists. Self-paced, interactive content enable team members to learn the skills and complete any task. Get things done right through a comprehensive how-to guide workflow template.

Deliver an effective, engaging experience with Video, Checklists, and Quizzes

Whatever the subject, an interactive how-to guide is the best way to make training materials clear, efficient, and effective. Avoid overly wordy or complex training materials. They eat up time and overwhelm your employees. Today’s workers are accustomed to learning skills via YouTube videos. Videos are extremely effective for training. They make training clear by demonstrating and discussing what needs to get done. Video can deliver instructions and details more efficiently than text. Producing a professional quality video is not required in most cases. Have a co-worker record video with a mobile phone as you demonstrate how things need to get done.Show the tools, techniques and methods in action. Link to or embed references such as websites, manuals, or other documentation for further elaboration. Use the how-to guide workflow template to make any task easily doable for your team.

How to get started with this how-to guide workflow template:

  • Document and Share the Process
    Use the template above to get started. Tailor the outlined process. Add timelines, tasks, forms, videos, images, details, roles, assignments, and relative due dates as needed. Generate print and PDF copies of your documented process or share it with other managers.
  • Automate Workflow Processes and Checklists
    It’s critical that your employees understand how-to properly handle any new work. Usually learning how-to complete a new task requires a great deal of energy, time, and resources. When nuances are ignored bigger problems are bound to arise. By implementing a how-to guide workflow, every step is properly documented, explained, and tracked as needed. Trackable checklists and tasks help your employees move through the training process with clarity and ease.
  • Integrate with Other Systems
    Eliminate the effort, slow speed, and error prone nature of moving information manually between systems. TeamworkIQ’s integration points let you exchange data and events with the most popular CRM systems and 1000’s of other software packages, apps, and online applications.
  • Achieve Operational Excellence
    Replicable guides and automated workflows both save yourself, your employees, and your whole business time and resources while enabling you to operate seamlessly. Track and view progress on dashboards. Analyze the details. Get reports when you want them and be notified if there’s an issue. Archive everything for record keeping and compliance.
  • Avoid Costly Mistakes
    Without a thorough guide, team members are bound to miss, forget, or complete aspects of their work incorrectly. These errors will drastically increase the chance that you lose a valuable customer. Avoid these risks with a how-to guide workflow you can rely on.

Use TeamworkIQ’s how-to guide workflow to make the process effective and simple.

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