This Template Helps You Get new hire onboarding checklist Done Right

Make sure new hire onboarding gets done right with this easy to use new hire onboarding checklist template.

Studies show that a systematized approach to new hire onboarding produces increased employee performance, increased job performance, and higher rates of retention. Ineffective onboarding experiences can turn into a sense of dissatisfaction, doubt about their future with the company, and in many cases, attrition.

Increase the value of the time and effort you spent recruiting new employees with a great employee onboarding process. Give your new hire the best start to have a successful start within your company.

Management, HR, IT, Facilities, coworkers, executives and others must have a method and seamlessly coordinate all that needs to happen to welcome new employees into the business. By standardizing and automating your onboarding process using an actionable new hire onboarding checklist, everyone gets the information they need when they need it.

How to document and automate your new hire onboarding checklist:

  • Document and Share the Process

    Get started with the new hire onboarding template. Tailor the outlined process. Add videos, images, details, roles, assignments, relative due dates, timelines, tasks, and forms to meet your needs. Generate print and PDF copies of your documented process or share it online with you team.
  • Automate Workflow Processes and Checklists

    Typically new hire onboarding requires workers from numerous roles. Automated coordination of workflows and tasks helps everyone move through the process clearly and easily. To start a new workflow from your documented process, simply click Start.
  • Integrate with Other Systems

    Eliminate the slow speed, effort, and error prone nature of moving information manually between systems. TeamworkIQ’s integration points let you exchange data and events with 1000’s of other apps or software used by your organization.
  • Achieve Operational Excellence

    Save yourself, teams, and the business time and money while executing flawlessly. View live processes on dashboards. Drill down into the details. Get reports at your convenience and be notified if there’s an issue. Archive everything for compliance and record keeping.
  • Avoid Costly Mistakes

    Make sure things get done and get done right. When new hire onboarding steps gets forgotten, done incorrectly, done late or missed all the time, cost and effort you put into onboarding your company’s new employee is undone and attrition rates rise. Protect your investments in people with a great new hire onboarding experience.

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