Why an HR work request form and process is important your business

An effective HR work request form and process simplifies work into clear steps and tasks. When each step of a process is delineated effectively, your team will not only complete tasks more consistently, but to a higher standard. Clear descriptions of each step make complex work digestible while due dates and priorities add accountability and urgency.

When a business does not have an effective HR work request form and process in place, team members and managers can quickly lose track of tasks. Important details get missed that can put projects back. The result? Time and money is wasted and work often has to be redone.

To avoid these issues, use an HR work request form and process that keeps everything organized for you. Ensure that your team has a clear understanding of what is required at every step of a project. Provide incredibly responsive support to the business teams you serve by having insight into team progress and priorities.

How to streamline your HR work request form and process:

  • Capture Work Request Details Up Front
    Gather the information needed to service the request at the start of the process. Use TeamworkIQ’s workflow forms to kick-off processes with all the necessary details.
  • Track and See Visible Progress for Each Request
    Always know what’s going on. View the progress of all requests and also allow your team to keep on top of their own progress.
  • Customize Work Requests When Needed
    A single work request can easily lead to a number of actionable tasks. You can edit the to-do list tasks and process steps when needed. Turn any customized checklist into a reusable template optimized to handle standardized types of requests.
  • Achieve Operational Excellence
    Save yourself, teams, and your whole business time and money while running ultra-efficiently. View live processes on dashboards. Drill down into the details. Get reports when you want them and be notified if there’s an issue. Archive everything for compliance and record keeping.
  • Avoid Costly Mistakes
    Guarantee that important steps are done efficiently and on time. When steps in the HR work request form and process get done incorrectly, forgotten, done late or missed the company’s risk of encountering confusion about responsibility increases drastically.

Put TeamworkIQ’s form and process templates to work for you and be sure HR work requests are handled efficiently}.

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