Why should I be using a candidate tracking {conceptvarient}?

The best candidates require significant time and effort to recruit to your business. And as soon as a potential candidate is identified, is it crucial to sustain a high pace of engagement. The best candidates do not remain available for long. A poorly executed experience at any point in the recruiting process can turn away quality candidates}. A candidate tracking process makes sure things get done right.

What is a candidate tracking process?

Implement this simple and effective candidate tracking process to screen potential candidates for your business. By doing this you can spend more of your time on important tasks rather than the interviewing, delegation of scheduling, and reference checking that comes with screening. Using our process also allows you to easily track progress so that you can know what is happening throughout the process.

Better-quality candidates

Research shows that, by including a comprehensive and considerate candidate engagement process, the best candidates are attracted to your business. Ambiguous, slow-paced processes create hesitation and turn away highly qualified candidates. To get the most out of your recruiting efforts, plan and systematize your recruiting process.

Comprehensive tracking

Your recruiting process involves many parts of your business. The Recruiter, Hiring Manager, Coworkers, and others all have important roles. Whilst having many areas of a business involved can be useful, it also increases the chances of confusion when there isn’t a structured candidate recruiting process. Instead, plan, organize, and track how your business screens, interviews, and entices candidates. It is beneficial, then, to establish distinct steps for the process and delegate each part to the right individual. Use this candidate tracking process template to automate the process and track progress. Making sure that this process is done correctly and on schedule is a very effective way to attract the best employees.

How to document and automate your candidate tracking process:

  • Document and Share the Process
    Get started with the candidate tracking template. Customize the outlined process with your business’s needs in mind. Add videos, images, details, roles, assignments, relative due dates, timelines, tasks, and forms to meet your requirements. Generate print and PDF copies of your documented process or share it with other managers.
  • Automate Workflow Processes and Checklists
    Typically, candidate tracking involved employees from many different areas of a business. Recruiters and hiring managers juggle schedules to conduct multiple phone and on-site interviews. HR gathers and contacts references. When an automated coordination of workflows and tasks are implemented within your business, everyone is helped by the increased clarity of the process. To start a new candidate tracking workflow from your documented process, simply click Start.
  • Integrate with Other Systems
    When moving data between systems, your business and its candidate tracking process, is at a much higher risk of error whilst also taking up significant portions of your time. With TeamworkIQ’s integration points, your business is able to exchange data and events across countless apps and software with ease, streamlining the whole process.
  • Achieve Operational Excellence
    By signing up with TeamworkIQ, your whole team can save significant amounts of time and money by automating processes that are usually done manually. View live processes on dashboards. Analyze the details. Get reports at your convenience and notifications if issues arise. Archive everything for compliance and record keeping.
  • Avoid Costly Mistakes
    Make sure each critical step gets done right and on time. When steps in the candidate tracking process steps get done incorrectly, forgotten, done late or missed the company’s risk of putting off qualified candidates during the hiring process increases significantly.

What are the best practices for managing candidate tracking?

There are a number of expert-approved tips and advice to improve the management of your candidate tracking process:

Simplify the application

When it comes to candidate tracking, a common issue is that the application simply isn’t completed. Applications can be useful at whittling out the best from the worst, but when it is especially complicated or lengthy, your business may find that it simply isn’t being completed enough. To fully understand how and why your application is unsuccessful, candidate tracking software must be utilised so that the primary areas of drop off in the application can be identified.

Review source data

Businesses can obtain an extensive view of where the best candidates are coming from along with the average cost per hire when source data is stored and reviewed coherently across the different departments. This will allow your business to redistribute its candidate sourcing budget and stop wasting time and money on less-than-fruitful sources.

Ease of communication

Communication can make or break the candidate tracking process. If done manually and individually, your business can appear sluggish, incoherent and unprofessional. By opting for an automated system that allows for standardized and intelligent automatic responses, communication logs that can be easily reviewed and integration across software, your business can minimise the risk of error that comes with wholly-manual communication with candidates.

Benefit from our process template today

By implementing TeamworkIQ’s process templates, your business can rest assured that candidate tracking will be done with consistency and clarity. Tasks that are often avoided or done without much care can utilise the innovative technology of automation and save your business time and money. To begin organizing and refreshing your business’s candidate tracking procedures, sign up to TeamworkIQ today.

Use TeamworkIQ’s candidate tracking process template to assure that your candidate tracking is handled comprehensively and effectively for everyone involved.

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