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Instantly turn Documented Processes into Live, Actionable Workflows

It’s is the easiest way to automate workflows, processes, and procedures.

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The fastest way to automate your workflow process.

How it works

How TeamworkIQ works: Outline your process, kickoff multiple workflows, track progress and get results.

Outline your process

TeamworkIQ handles all the next steps, task assignments, and due dates for you.

Start new workflows

TeamworkIQ coordinates the workflow and keeps you up-to-date.

Get immediate results

Free up your time and reduce costs as work gets done faster and gets done right the first time.

See it in action

Compare TeamworkIQ with traditional workflow software

Smart businesses know that when they automate processes, procedures, and workflows, work tends to get done right and get done faster. Productivity is higher and costly errors are avoided. The bottom-line benefits are clear. However, there’s a problem. In the past, getting an automated workflow built required the business people who knew the process to retain the services of IT department staff to build the workflow. This results in long timelines and high costs to get processes automated. TeamworkIQ is smarter than that.

TeamworkIQ enables you to go from process documentation to workflow automation in one step. Simply type up who needs to do what as you would in a document, then generate multiple workflows from that same document. TeamworkIQ’s smarts handle all the next steps, moving work forward start-to-finish for you. If you are a business manager, you can reduce the time and cost of workflow automation up to 100x. If you are in IT, you can do the same — and integrate TeamworkIQ’s workflows with other apps and systems via the TeamworkIQ extension points and APIs. Everyone wins with TeamworkIQ.

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Other Workflow Software

High cost.
Time consuming.
Fast time-to-use

Traditional workflow software takes lots of time and effort to implement. Even ‘low code’ workflow platforms still require ‘code’. TeamworkIQ is different. Just type up your process as you would in a document or email, then start multiple workflows. It could not be any easier.


Processes naturally evolve. With TeamworkIQ you can instantly make changes to a revision of your process document, then put your changes into immediate use. That process takes mere minutes compared to the weeks or months it will take to get your IT staff to change a process built with traditional workflow tools.

No code

Only TeamworkIQ turns words into workflows. Other workflow systems require coding or special IT know-how to configure the workflow software. Even “low code” workflow systems require coding know how. There’s just less code. TeamworkIQ’s ability to turn words into workflow makes it a truly no code workflow system.

Low cost

Traditional workflow software comes with hidden costs beyond the price tag of the software itself. You’ll need to document your process, review it with the workflow developers, then wait weeks while they configure or program the workflow system to do what you want. And, you can expect to repeat that process every time you want to make a change. The result is high when you consider labor costs and software fees plus weeks or months to get the process into use. TeamworkIQ is different. As soon as you type up your process, it’s ready to kick off automated workflows for you. In effect, it’s up to 100x more cost efficient than other approaches.

Process transparecy

With traditional workflow software, the flow diagram of the process is usually kept hidden as part of the technical implementation of the software. Sometimes this flowchart is provided to workers as part of a separate software system or module in the broader software package. Either way, the map of the process is usually out of sight or hard to find leaving users unclear as to how the process works and who they’ll need to collaborate with to get things done. Instead, steps are typically revealed one at a time as tasks are assigned, but out of context from the overall process. TeamworkIQ is different. The process document, written standard operating procedures, and the checklist-driven workflow are all one and the same. Thus all process participants can understand the process start-to-finish at a glance and quickly identify their role within that process. The result is a greater understanding of what needs to be done, smoother transitions of work among the team, the ability to anticipate future work, and greater accountability by all.

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