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Trying to coordinate processes by email?

There’s a simpler, smarter way: TeamworkIQ

TeamworkIQ is as easy as email, but does more to coordinate teamwork, tasks, processes, and workflows for you. Simply type up who needs to do what then let TeamworkIQ’s smarts handle the rest of for you. It’s simple, smart, workflow software that streamline business operations with recurring processes and automated procedures.

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Turn Words into Automated Workflows

Why is TeamworkIQ better than email for managing processes and teamwork?

Both email and TeamworkIQ can be used to communicate what needs to get done, who needs to do it, and by when. However, only TeamworkIQ has the smarts to turn the process you describe into a fully functional workflow.

What if your email message could come alive?

Imagine if the tasks and processes you described in an email message to your team could become actionable. With TeamworkIQ it can. Simply type up who needs to do what as you would in an email message or a document and TeamworkIQ handles all the next steps for you. Just outline the process steps, @mention assignees, and due dates. It’s that easy. As soon as you press “start”, TeamworkIQ kicks off the process by sending an email to everyone involved. But since you started your work within TeamworkIQ, now anything that needs to get done is tracked and managed for you by TeamworkIQ.

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Task Management

It’s easy to assign tasks by email, but when you do, significant effort is required to track tasks and keep progress up-to-date. You’ll need to do twice the work. Communicating via email, but tracking progress via a spreadsheet or other task tracking app. TeamworkIQ is smarter than that. Simply type up who needs to do what and TeamworkIQ tracks it all for you. TeamworkIQ’s smarts handle task assignments, due date reminders, progress reports, and more.

Workflow automation

TeamworkIQ lets you define any step-by-step workflow complete with multiple levels of subtasks. You simply outline your process as a bulleted list with multiple levels of subtasks to get as detailed as you like. Use numbered bullets to enforce the sequence of process steps. Use regular bullets for work that can be done in any order. It just like how you would type up an email or a document outlining the work that needs to get done, except TeamworkIQ’s smarts fully automates the process you describe.

Conditional logic

Process automation and workflow software typically support conditional logic. For example, an approval step in the process may ask a person to approve, reject, or send back submitted work for revision. Depending on the decision, different branches of the workflow will be followed. An approval moves work forward. A rejection stops the process, but may also trigger other work to be done. A request for revision, send the process back to the point where work needs to be redone and resubmitted. Task management software lacks the notion of conditional logic and branching workflows. TeamworkIQ supports the ability to branch the workflow based on decisions to opt-into or out-of a branch of the workflow. You can do that with email communication, but doing so requires lots of back and forth and email messages can more easily get overlooked in a full inbox.

Dynamic due dates

TeamworkIQ figures out task due dates for you. In a process or standard procedure that gets used again and again, due dates are usually defined relative to other dates in the process. Phrases like “due 3 days after {checklist started}” or “2 weeks after {event date}”, or “4 days before {new hire date}” can be used to set due dates. As soon as you tell TeamworkIQ the key dates, it can calculate all the other due dates for you. Task management software on the other hand typically does not have such automation because it’s more focused on discreet tasks that are manually coordinated by a project manager. Without an overarching process that defines the steps and substeps, tasks and subtasks for a process, there’s no need for project management software to have automated due dates. Instead, the project manager is left to put their time and effort into coordinating it all.

Process templates

With TeamworkIQ you can more easily create recurring processes. TeamworkIQ’s process templates are a smarter approach than email to get the job done. With process templates, tasks do not have to be assigned to individual people. They can be assigned to roles like “HR Manager” or any other job title you want. Then, when you start a new workflow, you can assign the role to a person without having to reassign lots of other tasks and hope you do not miss anything. The same is true for due dates. Due dates for process steps and tasks can be defined relative to other dates. For example: “3 days after {new hire date}”, “2 weeks after {checklist started}”, “1 month before {event date}”. Thus you need only set a value for the key date when starting a new workflow from a template, and all other due dates automatically calculate for you.

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