What Simple Solution Is Your Workflow Management Missing?

What Simple Solution Is Your Workflow Management Missing?

A streamlined approach to workflow management saves time and money within a business. Want to instantly improve your workflow management today? Here’s a simple solution.

Workflows are a sequence of processes that map out the journey of a piece of work created, developed upon and completed

Streamlined, automated workflow management has been proven to help businesses generate more profits. It can reduce the time managers and team members spend coordinating work by up to 85%. And it can virtually eliminate costly errors when someone forgets or overlooks an important step in a process.

Repeatable processes that deliver timely, high-quality results are at the core of any growing business. Workflow management and automation helps make that happen. In the past, the technical skills, time and budget required to automate workflows has historically been high and out of reach for many business teams. However, recent advances have led to a new class of radically simpler and smarter workflow management software which enables business teams of any size and budget to get all the cost saving benefits and competitive advantages of automated workflows.

Case Study

4X More Deals Processed in the First 30 Days
The Immediate Impact of a Simple Workflow System

When Equity Mortgage Group switched from coordinating work via email and spreadsheets to a simple workflow system, they experienced a 280% productivity gain — literally processing 4X the number of mortgage deals a day relative to the methods they used before. The simple approach to workflow took just 3 days to get into place, did not require technical know-how, and helped put the business on track to produce more revenues and profits than ever before. And, Equity Mortgage Group achieved all this without having to hire more people. See the full case study here.

Why Workflow Management is So Important

As a manager who has had to delegate, coordinate, track, and analyze multiple business initiatives and processes at once, you already know that takes a lot of time, effort, and attention to detail. It is for precisely this reason that workflow management software emerged. By coordinating all of a process’s elements within a platform, the need for frequent communication with team members becomes significantly reduced. As a result, time that might otherwise be lost following up on tasks over email or in meetings can be used elsewhere to grow and scale the business.

At Equity Mortgage Group, the Senior Loan Officer was able to free up 85% of the time he spent coordinating processes and refocus that time on serving more clients and closing more deals.

While workflow management software also has a remarkable effect on the productivity of team members. Systematized workflows automatically coordinate the transitions of work from one team member to the next and does so in a way that next steps and priorities are clear for everyone. Furthermore, when team members are given assignments to do as trackable tasks rather then hard to manage email messages or verbal directions, their accountability to execute the work is exponentially higher. As concluded in this recent Forbes insight report, the independence that workflow management software develops for team members can also result in faster response to customer demands and new opportunities.

The impact of simplified workflow software for Equity Mortgage Groups’ Loan Processor was a 280% productivity gain. The simplified workflow put all the information the Processors needed at their fingertips and automatically highlighted next steps, upcoming due dates, missing files and more. Processors no longer had to hunt down files in email or shared file folders. They no longer needed to double check if something was missing or not done yet. Instead, their work could move forward with extreme efficiency that helped the business scale without needing to hire more people.

Combined, the effect of more efficient process coordination result in more getting done, elimination of costly errors, and significantly better financial results. Simply stated, if the same team can produce more results at the same or higher quality, that helps the business grow and make money.

Why You Should Automate Your Workflows 

When it comes to streamlining processes with workflow management software, automation is key. This is because automated tasks free up labor at the same time they introduce consistency to a business’s processes. Recent SnapLogic research has revealed that 90% of workers are burdened with repetitive tasks. These regular tasks not only lose significant amounts of labor that might be spent on more meaningful work, they can also have a negative effect on the mindset of team members. This is a common issue but, through workflow automation, it is not unavoidable. 

Take, for example, a common CRM process, such as client onboarding. When there are a number of clients that are being dealt with manually by team members, the risk of human error is naturally increased. Something as simple as not sending out information when a customer has subscribed to a mailing list or returning a call request can damage future relationships along with business credibility. That’s where automation comes in. By having a series of automated reminders or tasks that are carried out once a customer action has been completed, consistency can be ensured. 

What Type of Workflow Management Software is Best? 

When it comes to workflow management software, there are a variety of options available to choose from. Some, however, are more complicated than others. While this can provide some benefits, such as the visual aid of ‘box and line’ diagram workflow software, this increased functional difficulty often means more training. For managers hoping to integrate workflow management software instantly, this can mean a delay while getting to grips with the software. It also limits who can fully use the software to those that have been trained. 

It is for these reasons that the direction of the most popular workflow management software has been towards simpler concepts, such as checklistsStandard Operating Procedures (SOPs), or Kanban. These forms of workflow management software require little-to-no training, meaning that they can be used straight away within a business. While many of these forms of software will contain the same features, it is how easy it is to use them that sets them apart from one another. That’s why, when searching for the right workflow management software for your business, it is important to not confuse a complicated interface for sophistication.

What does your business need in its workflow management software? 

Considering the features of workflow management software should always come second to understanding what your business requires from it. Each business will have their own unique needs when it comes to workflow management. If, for example, your business is hoping to integrate workflow management software into a number of CRM processes, it will likely require detailed conditional logic features. This is because, where there is a larger range of potential outcomes, you will need software to reflect and anticipate this. Conversely, in HR processes there will be a larger emphasis on procedural consistency. This kind of workflow will benefit from better task delegation features, tracking and alerts.

Workflow Management Simplified by TeamworkIQ.

Other than the ways in which you are hoping to use workflow management software day-to-day, it is also important to consider how the software can be implemented. If you are hoping to begin managing workflows straight away, it is useful to gauge how much training is required or whether you will need technical staff to code processes for you. Extra training or the need to hire staff for coding also means start up costs beyond the price of the software itself and are worth consideration. 

Let TeamworkIQ’s Simplicity and Smarts Manage Your Workflows for You 

With TeamworkIQ, it could not be simpler to begin instantly managing your workflows. In the amount of time it takes to type up a word document, processes can be automated, tracked, and delegated. Build your repeatable workflow templates and put them into use in a matter of minutes. Sign up for a 14 day free trial to put TeamworkIQ’s simple workflow management software to work for you today.

Automate processes in minutes. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

When typing up a process, simply outline who needs to do what. Reuse checklists as templates for recurring processes and standard procedures.

  • Use numbered lists to outline step-by-step processes. Mix in regular bullets for work that can happen in any order.
  • Add approval actions with one or more approvers.
  • Attach files, capture and share data using form fields. * (coming soon)
Processes and produceures, written as a collaborative checklist, turn into automated workflows. Task assginees and details can be added.
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