The #1 Way To Manage Teams Who Work Remotely? Automated, Collaborative Checklists

What Is The Best Way To Manage Processes for Business Teams Who Work Remotely?

Simple, Automated, Collaborative Checklists Provide a Great Solution

Discover how simple, online, collaborative checklists substantially improve the productivity of teams who work remotely. TeamworkIQ’s smarts turns simple checklists into clear business processes, automated workflows, and insightful dashboards. Work smarter. Try TeamworkIQ today for free.

Managers and teams who work remotely stay coordinated, focused and productive by using automated, collaborative checklists to streamline business processes and workflows.

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Set Teams Up For Remote Work Success

In today’s information world empowering team members or entire teams to work remotely is vital to business operations. But, managers and teams need the right kinds of tool to make sure work remains productive. Management needs to see all that’s going on, know what needs attention, and take action. Team members need to know their next priorities, what needs to get done, and who else is involved in the process. TeamworkIQ’s smart checklists, automated workflows, and simple dashboards help you rapidly achieve these goals.

For Managers: Delegate Work, Kick off Recurring Processes, and Easily Track It All

For Managers

  • Get visibility into work assignments, status, and priorities anywhere, anytime
  • Create processes, assign projects and delegate tasks
  • Know when issues arise or might. Smart due dates and alerts keep you informed
  • Document standard procedures (SOPs) and share your business processes online or in print.
  • Set up repeating processes and procedures to start automatically
  • Automate workflow processes and integrate with other business apps to reduce costs and get better results
For Team Members: Prioritized tasks, reminders, due dates, assignments

For Team Members

  • Take action on clearly prioritized assignments, tasks, and due dates
  • Easily coordinate the work that needs to get done with other team members
  • See upcoming deadlines and future assignments, and what needs to get done to meet them
  • Discover best practices, procedures and policies that apply to work that needs to get done.
  • Know who to contact when issues or dependencies arise
  • Streamline operations with automated workflows that move work forward for you and keep everyone focused on next steps.

TeamworkIQ Overview & Key Features Video

Here’s how it works.

Create Repeatable Process Templates, Workflows, and Checklists

Assign process steps and tasks to team members anywhere: At home, in the office, or working remotely.

  • Type up who needs to do what as a simple outline
  • Assign tasks custom roles or people.
  • Add due dates relative to key milestones and custom dates used in your process.
  • Add forms, links, instructions, automated actions, videos, and images to create interactive SOPs. Use the same SOPs to kick off, track and manage live, full-featured workflow processes.
process templates for recurring processes, reoccurring workflows, and reusable procedures

Automate Processes, Procedures, and Workflows

As soon as you start a checklist, process, task, workflow, TeamworkIQ’s smarts keeps work moving forward for you.

  • Anyone with actionable tasks sees them in their Assignments Inbox and on their Progress Dashboards.
  • As soon as a person completes their tasks, next steps become ready for the next task assignees.
automate workflows

Monitor Progress and Get Alerts

Track all work in one convenient place.

  • Get visibility into all work with Dashboards and Prioritized Lists
  • Receive notifications and alerts when something needs your attention
  • Record who did what when and how long processes to complete for future analysis and process improvements
  • Make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Spot and take action early when delivery deadlines may be at risk.
track progress, progress bar, warning alert, task counts, checklist completed checkmark done

Gather and Share Data

Capture and share data seamlessly across locations.

  • Review and approve content or contracts from anywhere.
  • Attach files. Attach photos directly from mobile devices.
  • Add notes to any task or process step.
  • Create interactive forms to gather all the information needed.
gather data, workflow forms, text field, approval decision menu, comments

Integrate With The Other Apps And Software You Use Everyday

Connect your processes, workflows, and checklists with 2,000+ other apps via Zapier and our Open APIs.

  • Launch new checklists, processes and workflows from events or data in your CRM or online forms.
  • When something needs attention, get notified via Slack, Teams, Text SMS, and more when something needs attention.
  • Automatically kick off monthly, weekly, daily, or other recurring checklists on pre-defined schedules.

When you integrate and automate, there are thousands of ways to save more time and money.

Automate more. Integrate TeamworkIQ with 1000's of other apps.

Remote Work Management Made Easy

When managers and their teams work together at the same location, face-to-face collaboration has its benefits. But as soon as team members need to work remotely, keeping everyone highly productive, focused, and on the same page becomes significantly more challenging. To effectively coordinate remote teams and remote workers, businesses and managers need new kinds of collaboration tools and organizational habits.

TeamworkIQ automates the coordination of teamwork for you. Whether you need to organize that work as a recurring process, a standard procedure, an automated workflow, or an actionable checklist, TeamworkIQ handles it for you. To put TeamworkIQ to work for you simply outline who needs to do what, when. Then, as soon as your start that process, TeamworkIQ handles all the next steps for you. It assigns the work, tracks the deadlines, transitions work from one person to the next, and keeps you aware of everything that needs your attention. Get alerts, notifications, and visibility into the status of every process, workflow, or task.

coordinate teams who work remotely or form home with simple, automated checklists

Can TeamworkIQ Deliver Big Results for Remote Teams? Yes.

Ask Equity Mortgage Group. Their remote working team realized these results in their first 30 days of working with TeamworkIQ:

  • Team productivity went from 1x to 4x in the first 10 days.
  • Time spent hunting for information via email, spreadsheets, phone calls or status meetings went to near 0.
  • The number of deals their production team handled grew by 3x.
  • 75% of the Loan Officer’s time shifted away from administrative cost centers to revenue generating activities.
  • Combined, the same team booked 280% more revenues–and did it with $0 added headcount.

See the whole (7 minute) case study. How The Right Tools for Remote Working Led to 280% Growth in 30 Days for a Mortgage Team. While this case study features a business from the mortgage industry, the principles are applicable to any business or team working from home in any industry.

More and Higher Quality Results From Remote Work

What are the two keys that make remote working efficient, cost-effective, and profitable? Standardized, repeatable processes and automated workflows.

Standardized, repeatable processes help make sure team members know how to get things done right. Automated workflows help make sure things get done efficiently and nothing falls through the cracks.

TeamworkIQ helps you achieve both of those objectives quickly, easily–and at the same time. Simply outline who needs to do what, when to document your process. Then, with no added effort, start repeatable workflows from that same document. TeamworkIQ’s smarts coordinate all the next steps for you. Team members take action, track progress, and collaborate from their desktops, laptops, or mobile devices. Everyone works from the same page and gets instant visibility into upcoming, current, and prior work. TeamworkIQ is the fastest, easiest way to enable remote teams to achieve operational excellence.

Smart Features

Roles and Assignments
smart assignments assign tasks to people by name or role name

Assign work to customizable Roles or directly to team members.

Dynamic Due Dates
dynamic due dates automatically calculate relative due dates for you

Set due dates and timelines relative to any other key date in the process.

Smart Workflows
smart workflows know how to assign tasks to the right person at the right time based on which process steps are sequential and which can happen in any order. Mix the two types together to create the workflows you need.

TeamworkIQ’s smarts keeps work moving forward for you.

Create Processes and Workflows

Master Template Library

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Simple checklists

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Detailed Task Instructions

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Pictures, Images, and Drawings

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Embedded Video

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Dynamic Variables

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Conditional Logic

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File and Photo Attachments

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Automated workflows

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Recurring schedules

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App Integrations, API

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Track Work, Get Things Done

Process Dashboard

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Prioritized tasks

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Reports when you want them

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Comments *

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Reminders and Alerts

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Task notes

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