Pricing and Plans

TeamworkIQ Pricing and Plans

How affordable is TeamworkIQ? What does it cost? What plans are available?

Team Essentials

Per User per month
when billed yearly

( $9.50 when billed monthly )
Unlimited Workflows
and Processes
    Includes everything you need to simplify and streamline personal or team workflows, processes, and procedures

    + Automated workflows
    + Reusable process templates
    + Assign work to people or roles
    + Smart due dates
    + Customizable forms
    + Live Process dashboards
    + Prioritized task queues
    + Smart alerts & notifications
    + Master process documents
       and SOPs

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Business Pro

Per User per month
when billed yearly

( $18 when billed monthly )
Add Logic and Integrate with 1000’s of Other Apps
    Includes Team Essentials and…

    – Zapier Integration (18+ features)
    – TeamworkIQ Open API

    Use Zapier and APIs to…

    – Start and update processes
    – Automate tasks
    – Add conditional logic
    – Set up recurring schedules
    – Send customized messages
    – Integrate the flow of data and
       events between TeamworkIQ
       and other apps
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Business Plus

Per User per month
when billed yearly

( $24 when billed monthly )
Maximize Efficiency with
Integrated Chat and Built-in Automations
    Includes Business Pro and…

    + Team messaging, chat,
       comments and file sharing
       integrated into every workflow
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Enterprise Scale

Packages customized for wide scale use
and value for your entire organization
Achieve Operational
    – Priority support
    Customer success team
    – Project acceleration services
    – Personalized training
    – User directory integration
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All Plans Include

Unlimited Process Documents and Templates

  • Document and share how your business’s best processes and gets things done.
  • Every process document also works a process template from which you can instantly launch live workflows and collaborative checklists.
  • Add forms, instructions, videos, images, links and more as needed.
  • Assign workflow steps and tasks to people or roles.

Unlimited Automated Workflows and Checklists

  • Unlimited step-by-step, enforced order workflows
  • Unlimited actionable tasks
  • Unlimited workflow forms
  • Unlimited task assignments to People or Roles
  • Unlimited Relative due dates or specific due dates
  • Automated notifications and issue escalation

Unified Task Monitoring and Process Management

  • Create ad-hoc tasks or checklists without need to create a template
  • See and prioritize all your pending tasks in one view
  • Get visibility into any process you want to track
  • Configurable progress summary and task assignment reports delivered to your inbox when you want them

Pricing FAQ

  • In which currency are the prices stated?
    US Dollars, $ USD
  • In what other currencies can we pay?
    $ CAN, $ AUD, € EUR, £ GBP, and others by request.
  • Can we pay by credit card, company check, or other means?
    Yes. Ask [email protected] for more details.
  • Do you offer discounts to registered not-for-profit organizations?
    Yes. Contact [email protected] for more details.
  • What if I have more questions about pricing or plans?
    Contact [email protected]