How TeamworkIQ’s New Hire Orientation Checklist Helps

With an effective employee onboarding process, new team members can quickly become confident and valued contributors within a business. TeamworkIQ’s new hire orientation checklist is a comprehensive starting point that can be adapted to suit your business.

As SHRM’s report reveals, a structured onboarding process can have a significant effect on your business’s employee retention rates and boost performance. This is because, without a clear onboarding procedure, team members can feel poorly-equipped for their new role and the business as a result. With TeamworkIQ’s new employee orientation checklist, the necessary steps of the onboarding process are made clear, meaning that there is less room for error.

By using a clear and concise new hire orientation template, it is also much easier to get new team members up to speed and impassioned about their new role. This is because, by helping the various departments involved in the onboarding procedure work with each other effectively, the risk of delay or confusion is reduced. Using a template for your business’s onboarding process also introduces consistency through standardization.

How To Document And Automate Your New Hire Orientation Checklist:

  • Document and Share the Process

    Edit TeamworkIQ’s new hire orientation template to suit your business’s requirements. Add any details, roles, assignments, relative due dates, images, timelines, forms, or videos as required. This template can then be shared online with your team or printed out to be distributed.
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  • Automate Workflow Processes and Checklists

    Any delays or confusion during the onboarding process will, over time, result in increased attrition rates. Automation is able to significantly reduce this risk by helping make sure that everyone involved across departments is notified of what is required of them. To start a new workflow from your documented process, simply click Start.
  • Integrate with Other Systems

    Through TeamworkIQ’s integration points, when your business uses the new hire orientation checklist, you can exchange data and events with 1000’s of other popular forms of software and apps. When done manually, this can be a time-intensive and error-prone process.
  • Achieve Operational Excellence

    By streamlining your onboarding process, your business can save time and resources while introducing consistent quality. Within TeamworkIQ’s dashboard, your new hire orientation process can be monitored and you can also be notified when tasks are completed or there are issues. Once this process is finished, it will be archived. This is useful for compliance along with identifying potential sticking points. Try TeamworkIQ’s checklist for new hire orientation by signing up for a 14 day free trial in minutes.
  • Avoid Costly Mistakes

    Without an effective onboarding process, there can be a high turnover of staff, something that can become very costly over time. With a standardized onboarding process, you can guarantee that each new hire is done properly the first time around.

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