How TeamworkIQ’s New Employee Checklist Template Helps

When employee onboarding is done correctly, new team members become instant valuable contributors. TeamworkIQ’s new employee checklist template provides a foundation that can be adapted to fit your business’s unique needs.

Studies, such as the Aberdeen Group’s report, reveal that structured onboarding processes for new employees have positive effects on job performance and team member retention rates. Without structure, new employees can easily feel out of place or unequipped for the role. With an effective onboarding process, less time can be lost trying to fill vacant positions and new team members can progress quickly. By helping guarantee that new employees are up to speed straight away, time and resources are also saved in the future that can be lost needing to retrain team members.

Coordinating management, HR, IT, executives, Facilities, co-workers and others is a vital part of employee onboarding. TeamworkIQ’s new hire checklist template guarantees businesses have a simple, automated, and standardized framework that connects all of the relevant departments for you.

How To Document And Automate Your New Employee Checklist Template:

  • Document and Share the Process

    Edit TeamworkIQ’s new employee checklist template to suit your business’s requirements. Add any details, roles, assignments, relative due dates, images, timelines, forms, or videos as required. This checklist template for new hires can then be shared online with your team or printed out to be distributed.
  • Automate Workflow Processes and Checklists

    When it comes to employee onboarding, it is important that there aren’t any unnecessary delays or confusion between departments. Automation helps guarantee that everyone involved is notified of what is required from them quickly and easily. To start a new workflow from your documented process, simply click Start. Try TeamworkIQ’s checklist for new hire orientation by signing up for a 14 day free trial in minutes.
  • Integrate with Other Systems

    TeamworkIQ’s integration points allow for the seamless exchange of data and events with 1000’s of other popular forms of software and apps. This can eliminate the time-intensive and error-prone manual transfer of information between systems.
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  • Achieve Operational Excellence

    Save time and resources for your business throughout the onboarding process while operating with more consistency and to a higher quality. Monitor your new employee checklist template’s process as it occurs on the TeamworkIQ dashboard and receive regular report updates. Once completed, this process can then be archived for compliance and analysis for future development.
  • Avoid Costly Mistakes

    By standardizing your onboarding process, your business can guarantee that things get done correctly first time around. When steps frequently get overlooked during the onboarding period of new employees, attrition rates rise. This means valuable time and resources put into the hiring process are wasted.

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