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How To Easily Automate Mortgage Team Processes and Workflows

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Achieve more, faster, with fewer issues. Work from anywhere. Easily transform your mortgage team’s processes into automated workflows with simple, but remarkably smart, collaborative checklists.

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  • Simple Checklists & Automated Workflows
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Goodbye Chaos

“What’s the status? What are the next steps? Did the appraisal get ordered? Did you get my email? Did you send me a status update? Where did that file go? How long will this morning meeting last?”

Sound familiar? There’s a better way…

Simplify and streamline LO, LOA, Processor, other mortgage team member processes. Make sure things get done right and get done fast. See the status of everything—even when team members work remotely.

Work smarter. TeamworkIQ coordinates teamwork for you. Get the automated Mortgage Team Process Kit from TeamworkIQ.


Equity Mortgage Group

Work Smarter. Not Harder

75% of a Mortgage Team’s time can get wasted asking or waiting for information. What if you could turn that wasted time into more deals, more revenues, and less stress worrying if anything fell through the cracks?

Equity Mortgage Group did just that — and got a big ROI:

We generated 280% more revenue and 4x’d our processing capacity in our first 30 days with TeamworkIQ. Now I spend less time coordinating deals and far more time working with more clients.
Charlie Christensen
Sr. Loan Officer, Branch Manager
Equity Mortgage Group

How did Equity Mortgage Group do it?


5 Simple Concepts

TeamworkIQ online software with checklists, workflows, forms, dashboards, prioritized task lists
  • Online checklists keep everyone on the same page
  • Task inbox prioritizes next steps
  • Automated workflows keep deals moving forward
Dashboards give you visibility into everything
  • Alerts keep things from falling through the cracks

Easily tailor the checklist-driven workflows to your needs. Simply outline who needs to do what, when. Then add forms, links, conditional logic and other details as needed.


Integrate with CRM, LOS, and Other Apps

Automate more when you integrate TeamworkIQ with other apps via Zapier or Open APIs

TeamworkIQ integrates with the other apps you use everyday. Use Zapier to integrate with over 2,000 other online apps without ever writing a single line of code. Or, connect TeamworkIQ to other systems with our developer-friendly APIs.


It’s FREE to Get Started

Get started with the FREE Mortgage Team Process Kit and a free trial of TeamworkIQ. How much does TeamworkIQ cost after the trial? … Less than a cup of coffee a week.

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3 Ways to Get It Done

DIY – With our Help for FREE

It’s quick and easy to tailor the Process Kit’s workflows to your team’s needs. How-to videos are built right in but if you want some help, we’re glad to do it. Schedule a 90 minute free work session with us and we’ll help you get it done.

DWY – We’re available to Do it With You

We know you are busier than ever helping clients with loans for purchases and refis. We can leverage your time and build your process for you as you tell us the steps you want. This saves you time and gets it done right — plus as you watch, you’ll see how it gets done.

DFY – We can Do It For You

If you have your processes already outlined in a checklist or similar document, we can transform that document into automated checklists and workflows for you extremely quickly.

Talk to us about your needs. Book a meeting or demo.

mobile workflows. Many team members completing tasks.