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Automate Your Mortgage Team Processes and Workflows

3 Steps to Get Started

Take these 3 steps to put the power of automated mortgage process management to work for you.

  • View the Mortgage Team Process Automation Case Study video
  • Get your customizable copy of the automated process shown in the video – FREE
  • Book a demo or meeting. Our team will help you quickly tailor your process to your needs – FREE

How long does it take to get started?
About 15 minutes.

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How can you turn wasted time, inefficient processes, and annoying mistakes into more revenues?

What if you could achieve that without having to hire more LOs, LOAs or Processors … and do it with a team who could work from anywhere?

That’s exactly what Equity Mortgage Group achieved: 280% more revenues, 4x the production, and 75% more free time. How? They did it with TeamworkIQ.

Next step?
Watch the case study video.


1. View the Case Study Video

Watch time? 7 minutes

View the case study video to discover how Equity Mortgage Group generated 280% more revenue, 4x’d their processing capacity, and freed up 75% of their time to serve more customers — all with $0 added headcount. How? Simple online process management and workflow automation software that starts at $9/mo and requires to technical know-how to get it done.

Next step?
Scroll down to get your process automation system set up and get a copy of the Mortgage Team Process you saw in the case study.


2. Get the Automated Process shown in the Case Study Video

How long will this take? 5 minutes

TeamworkIQ online software with checklists, workflows, forms, dashboards, prioritized task lists

Your copy of the Automated Mortgage Team Process from the case study includes all the key steps, tasks, and workflows LOs, LOAs, Processors, and other team members need:

  • Lead Engagement
  • Needs Assessment
  • Application Document Tracking
  • Live Loan Processing
  • Closing
  • Post-Closing
  • Remarketing

How does it work?
Simple, collaborative checklists enable LOs, LOAs, Processors and others to work from the same page. Prioritized task lists make next steps clear and actionable. Dashboards give everyone visibility into the status of everything. Notifications let people know when they have something to do. And if issues arise, TeamworkIQ’s alerts let you know.

Your copy of the Automated Mortgage Team Process shown in the case study comes with a FREE trial of TeamworkIQ — the simple, smart, and remarkably affordable process management and workflow automation platform for business teams.

Next step?
Let us help you tailor that process to your team’s needs.


3. Let Us Help You Get It Done and Integrate with Other Apps

Automate more when you integrate TeamworkIQ with other apps via Zapier or Open APIs

Let’s Build It Together – FREE

Schedule a FREE 90-minute online work session with a TeamworkIQ Process Expert. We’ll help you adapt and create the unique processes you want for your team.

Do It Yourself

These 1 to 2 minute How-To Videos show you all the key concepts you need to know. How to outline your process, assign roles and tasks, set due dates and timelines, add forms, details, links and more. It takes only 15 minutes to watch the entire How-To Video series.

Get Help

Chat is the best way to reach us if you have a question. Use the Chat icon in the lower-right corner of our website or on most pages of your TeamworkIQ account. If we need to hop into an online session to assist, we will. You can also find answers to most “how-to” questions in the TeamworkIQ Help Center at

Process Consulting Services

Leverage your time even more. Put our Process Experts to work for you to get the automated workflows, processes, and integrations with other apps set up and and running in record time. Schedule a FREE consultation to discuss your needs.

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