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Case Study for Mortgage Teams and Mortgage Branch Offices

How Equitable Mortgage Group
  • Scaled Operations and Completed 280% More Deals In Just 30 Days
  • Enabled The Team to Work From Home More Efficiently
  • And Did It With $0 Added Headcount

In this Case Study, you will learn…

  • How to quickly enable teams to collaborate more efficiently working in the office, remotely, or from home.
  • How scale operations without having to hire more Loan Officers, Assistants, or Processors.
  • How to cut out “communication gap time” to further generate faster process cycle times to close more deals.

  • How to eliminate the time it takes to hunt down information or figure out what information is missing.
  • How to significantly reduce “status meeting” times and make sure everyone knows what needs attention all the time.
  • How to automate processes and workflows in minutes and optionally, integrate those with the your other processes and systems.

Streamline your Lead to Loan Process

  • Eliminate wasted time and costly mistakes
  • Always know the status of every deal
  • Free up your time, get more done, and simplify your workday
automate workflows
mobile workflows. Many team members completing tasks.