How it works

Automate Processes Fast with Smart Workflows and Checklists

How TeamworkIQ works

Outline your process

TeamworkIQ handles all the next steps, task assignments, and due dates for you.

Start new workflows

TeamworkIQ coordinates the workflow and keeps you up-to-date.

Get immediate results

Free up your time and reduce costs as work gets done faster and gets done right the first time.

Smart Features

Assign tasks. Simply mention people or add reusable roles.

To assign work @mention people or @roles as you type.

Dynamic Due Dates
Task due dates

Set due dates relative to other dates in plain language.

Smart Workflows
TeamworkIQ's smart workflows handle both step-by-step processes or work that can happen in any order. Mix and match the two kinds of lists to make the workflows you need.

TeamworkIQ’s smarts figures out the workflow steps.

Create Processes and Workflows

Master Template Library
Simple checklists
Detailed Task Instructions
Pictures, Images, and Drawings
Embedded Video
{ }
Dynamic Variables
Conditional Logic
File and Photo Attachments
Automated workflows
Recurring schedules *
App Integrations, API

Track Work, Get Things Done

Process Dashboard
Prioritized tasks
Reports when you want them
Comments *
Reminders and Alerts
Task notes

And more…

Admin tools
Team management
Guest access
Record keeping and compliance
Print checklists
* indicates coming soon
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