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TeamworkIQ’s Smart and Powerful Checklist Software Makes Workflow Simple.

TeamworkIQ is simplest way to create and track recurring processes within your team. Simply divide your process into a number of tasks and subtasks and TeamworkIQ’s intelligent checklist software will do the rest.

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Put TeamworkIQ’s Smart Checklist Software To Work

Create templates for recurring processes

Create, track, and share reusable templates for your business’s processes within minutes.

  • Type up the details of your process: who it should be done by, when it is due, and details of how it should be done.
  • Attach images, documents, videos or anything else that will provide further guidance for the task.
  • Type up what needs to be done in a simple checklist.
  • Order tasks within numbered bullet points. Each task can have a number of subtasks for further detail.
  • Assign tasks to roles as well as to individuals.
process templates for reusable and recurring processes

Automate workflows

Automatically launch multiple workflows from each created template.

  • Tasks, sub-tasks, and due dates are automatically assigned.
  • Reduce risk of confusion by keeping team members on the same page.
  • Enforce step-by-step sequences where needed.
automate workflows and processes

Capture structured data

TeamworkIQ’s workflow task forms are able to gather and share important data as processes progress.

  • Review and approve content.
  • Provide feedback to team members on individual tasks.
  • Share important notes on tasks so that team members are connected.
gather data using notes, form fields, decision menus, and file attachments or photo attachments.

Monitor progress

Track activity from the TeamworkIQ dashboard and get notified when tracks are completed.

  • Oversee all ongoing work with TeamworkIQ’s ‘In Progress’ section.
  • Set days and times where you would like report updates for ongoing work.
  • Analyze completed tasks to identify areas of improvement.
track progress, progress bars, warning alerts, task counts, checklist completed checkmark done.

Work more efficiently

Significant portions of the work day can be lost clarifying and following up tasks. By keeping all of the areas of a process that matter in one place, TeamworkIQ’s smart checklist software reduces the amount of time lost overseeing various tasks within a team.

By sending out automatic due date reminders, assigning tasks for you, and collecting important data from team members, less time can be spent searching through emails or on the phone with team members.

This means your time can be spent growing your business, not keeping it afloat. Sign up for a 14 day free trial with TeamworkIQ in minutes.

Discover how TeamworkIQ’s smart, collaborative checklists help you and your team work smarter and accomplish more with less effort.

Instantly automate workflows

TeamworkIQ’s business checklist software guarantees that workflows can be automated in the time it takes to type up a process. Outline your process in a series of numbered bullets then add some subtasks where required. TeamworkIQ will automatically assign tasks as previous actions are completed.

Streamline recurring processes

Recurring processes can be easily streamlined with TeamworkIQ’s daily checklist software. Create templates from checklists so that they can be quickly reused in the future. These templates can be easily adapted to suit unique situations. Templates ensure consistency across recurring processes, meaning they can be improved over time more easily.

Reduce costly errors

When processes are managed manually, there is more room for error. From missed emails to misunderstandings from team members, it is easy for things to be missed. Errors can quickly result in delay or reduced credibility. By including all of the information that team members might need to complete a task and sending out automated reminders, TeamworkIQ helps guarantee that tasks are done right the first time.

Increase accountability

Without the confusion that manual workflow management results in, team members are held more accountable. With team members able to work together within TeamworkIQ, they also hold one another to account to complete processes.

Discover how your business can benefit from TeamworkIQ’s intelligent software when you sign up today.

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