Business Checklists

Streamline Processes and Workflows with TeamworkIQ’s Automated Business Checklists

TeamworkIQ provides a simple and powerful way to manage business workflows, procedures, and recurring processes.

Discover for yourself how businesses save time, eliminate costly mistakes, and boost productivity for everyone.

a process document describing who needs to do what and by when, generating an automated workflow with easy-to-use checklist for task management

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Here’s how it works.

Create reusable business checklist templates

Document your organization’s processes with TeamworkIQ’s business checklist templates in minutes.

  • Type up what needs to be done in a simple checklist.
  • Assign tasks to people within your team specifically or to job roles.
  • Add due dates for each task.
  • Add any files that will help complete tasks, such as images, videos, or guides.
process templates for reusable and recurring processes

Automate workflows

Once your template is complete, TeamworkIQ can make these instantly actionable as multiple workflows.

  • An automated business checklist reduces the risk of unnecessary delay or confusion.
  • TeamworkIQ’s intelligent software will automatically assign tasks for you and send out deadline reminders.
  • Enforce step-by-step sequences where needed.
automate workflows and processes

Gather and share data

Capture and share data seamlessly within your business checklists with TeamworkIQ’s workflow task forms.

  • Review and approve content.
  • Give feedback to your team with comments on individual tasks.
  • Connect your team by instantly sharing data collected from processes.
gather data using notes, form fields, decision menus, and file attachments or photo attachments.

Monitor progress

Track all outstanding and upcoming work in one place.

  • Oversee all ongoing work with TeamworkIQ’s ‘In Progress’ section.
  • Return to completed tasks and analyze performance to improve future work.
  • Monitor individual team members to play to their strengths.
track progress, progress bars, warning alerts, task counts, checklist completed checkmark done.

A More Efficient Business

It’s very easy to lose the majority of your day following up on yesterday’s work. From emailing your team for progress updates on tasks, to searching through your emails to clarify the details of a task for another team member, plenty of time can be wasted simply trying to keep on top of ongoing work.

With automated reminders, assignment, and intuitive task tracking, TeamworkIQ’s smart collaborative business checklists make this easy. By reducing the amount of maintenance that you are required to do, time can be better spent growing your business rather than keeping things moving.

Turn Words into Workflows in Minutes

TeamworkIQ’s smart checklists for businesses mean that you only have to type out a process once. Simply break processes up into a series of tasks with subtasks where required and assign them to team members. TeamworkIQ will then make sure that tasks are complete before assigning those next in line. Sign up for a 14 day free trial with TeamworkIQ in minutes.

Streamline recurring processes

Create templates with TeamworkIQ so that the procedures that surround recurring processes are made simple. This can save valuable time that is usually lost needing to repeatedly communicate the same information to different team members. Business checklist templates can then easily be adapted for improvement more broadly or to meet the unique requirements of a situation.

Reduce costly errors

When overseeing processes manually over the phone, email, or in meetings, things can easily slip through the cracks. It may be that small details of tasks are overlooked or that entire steps are missed. A business checklist guarantees that all the information that a process requires to get done correctly the first time around is there. Discover how your business can benefit from TeamworkIQ’s intelligent software when you sign up today.

Increase accountability

With team members all having access to the same information and working together through the same software, consistency and accountability are developed for business processes. With it being clear who is required to do what and by when, team members communicate better with one another and become more accountable for any tasks they are assigned.

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