Automated Collaborative Checklists for Simple Process Management and Workflow Automation

Streamline Your Processes and Workflows with Automated, Collaborative Checklists

TeamworkIQ is the easiest way to manage recurring processes, procedures, and workflows. Simply type up who needs to do what. TeamworkIQ handles the rest.

Work smarter + Get results fast + Collaborate from anywhere + Free up time + Reduce costs + Make sure work gets done right + Keep things from falling through the cracks. Discover TeamworkIQ. Sign up for free.

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How does it work?

Create Reusable Process Templates

Create, manage, and share reusable checklist-driven process templates.

  • Type up who does what as a simple checklist.
  • Assign tasks and due dates to people or roles.
  • Add images, video, and other content to fully describe procedures in detail.
process templates for recurring processes, reoccurring workflows, and reusable procedures

Automate Workflows

Kickoff multiple workflows from any template.

  • Actionable checklists get everyone working from the same page.
  • Tasks and due dates get automatically assigned.
  • Enforce step-by-step sequences where needed.
automate workflows

Gather and Share Data

Put information at the fingertips of everyone involved in the process. Eliminate the time it takes to hunt down data in other systems.

  • Add a Launch Form to collect the info needed to start a process.
  • Add workflow forms to any task to share or gather more info.
  • Add notes to any task when needed.
gather data, workflow forms, text field, approval decision menu, comments

Track Progress

Always know what’s been done and what needs to get done next.

  • Dashboard cards clearly reveal what needs to be done next.
  • Notifications and alerts let you know what needs extra attention.
  • Reports reveal what’s been done and what remains to do.
track progress, progress bar, warning alert, task counts, checklist completed checkmark done

Automate More

Integrate your processes, workflows, and checklists with more than 2,000 other apps via Zapier or our Open APIs

  • Launch new processes from events and data in your CRM
  • Kickoff new workflows every time a form gets submitted
  • Start monthly, weekly, daily, or other recurring checklists

…and hundreds of more possibilities to save you time and money.

Automate more. Integrate TeamworkIQ with 1000's of other apps.

Work From Anywhere on Any Device

Work from the office, at home, or in the field. Access everything from your phone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer.

  • TeamworkIQ runs in the most popular modern web browsers.
  • Add the TeamworkIQ app icon to your phone or tablet.
  • Access dashboards, get notifications and alerts wherever you are.
  • See your prioritized assignments and take action on tasks.
  • Attach files, photos, and videos from your mobile devices.
  • View dates and deadlines in your local timezone.
  • Access process documentation, videos, and work instructions from anywhere.
Monitor processes, take action, see priorities, get alerts from anywhere on your phone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer.

Work Smarter

How much of your workday is lost asking colleagues for progress updates, searching your inbox for the one email you need among hundreds of messages, updating task lists, adjusting internal processes to fit client requirements, and all the other little but vital tasks you need to do before you can actually do your work?

Have you ever wished there was a way to handle all those tasks swiftly, effectively and without letting something slip through the cracks?

Discover how TeamworkIQ’s smart, collaborative checklists help you and your team work smarter and accomplish more with less effort.

Smart Features

Roles and Assignments
smart assignments assign tasks to people by name or role name

Assign work to customizable Roles or directly to team members.

Dynamic Due Dates
dynamic due dates automatically calculate relative due dates for you

Set due dates and timelines relative to any other key date in the process.

Smart Workflows
smart workflows know how to assign tasks to the right person at the right time based on which process steps are sequential and which can happen in any order. Mix the two types together to create the workflows you need.

TeamworkIQ’s smarts keeps work moving forward for you.

Create Processes and Workflows

Master Template Library

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Simple checklists

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Detailed Task Instructions

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Pictures, Images, and Drawings

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Embedded Video

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Dynamic Variables

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Conditional Logic

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File and Photo Attachments

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Automated workflows

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Recurring schedules

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App Integrations, API

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Track Work, Get Things Done

Process Dashboard

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Prioritized tasks

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Reports when you want them

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Comments *

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Reminders and Alerts

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Task notes

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