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TeamworkIQ combines the universal simplicity of checklists with the smarts of a virtual project manager. This makes TeamworkIQ the easiest way to manage processes and automate team workflows.

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Applying The Checklist Manifesto to the modern workplace.

TeamworkIQ is the collaborative checklist app inspired by The New York Times Bestseller The Checklist Manifesto.

The book recounts author Atul Gawande’s quest to find a simple, scalable and replicable means to get things done efficiently and done right–something from which any organization would benefit.  As the manifesto title declares, this journey leads him to a simple, yet powerful answer: Checklists.

However, the details of his research across industries reveal more depth and nuance. Checklists alone are not the answer. In all cases studied the checklist participants are all in the same room at the same time. This enables every checklist to have a single person responsible for overseeing its coordination and the team to communicate in real-time. Many of the checklists have checkpoint steps designed to crosscheck nothing was skipped. And the checklists studied were often physical sheets, printed out to be checked off by hand.

That’s not surprising.  Gawande was seeking methods to enable doctors and nurses to deliver better, more consistent outcomes when working as a team together in the operating room. Logically he studied others in similar conditions: Pilot and co-pilot in the cockpit; Builder, architect and project manager in the construction office; Other surgeons and nurses in the operating room.

But how then can the key lessons of The Checklist Manifesto be translated to the modern workplace? Unlike the examples in the book, today’s organizations have collaborators working in different locations, in different time zones, and on different tasks, projects and processes on any given day. Teams are not physically in the same space and are often composed of staff, vendors, contract specialists, and customers.

TeamworkIQ’s vision adapts the key concepts advocated by The Checklist Manifesto to the modern workplace. Our manifesto is an “Online Collaborative Checklist Manifesto For The Modern Workplace” where the same simplicity and ubiquitous ease of use of the checklist is sustained, but significant process management efficiencies are added by combining cloud, mobile and emerging artificial intelligence technologies.

Checklist Simplicity

Gawande’s right and we agree. Checklists are easy to create and easy to use. We’ve never met anyone who has not made and used a checklist in one form or another. Checklists work for everything from a simple task list to processes and workflows with multiple steps. And they can be used to gather and share information along the way–including process controls like sign off steps and approval checkpoints.

Powerful Smarts

Everyone knows how to make and how to use a checklist. There’s no training involved. With TeamworkIQ simply type up an outline of who needs to do what and send it out to the people involved. TeamworkIQ’s smarts instantly turn your words into a shared “intelligent checklist” accessible to all participants via email apps, Web browsers, smartphones, and other mobile devices. To create and send smart checklists use your favorite email app or do more with the TeamworkIQ app at

Process Transparency

Gawande points out that checklist can efficiently orient the team to the plan before the process begins. Need to know how to get things done right? With TeamworkIQ it’s all outlined so that everyone knows who needs to do what when and in what sequence.

As work proceeds everyone knows what’s been done, who needs to do what next, and how things are progressing or not progressing. The result is greater accountability and greater productivity with few things falling through the cracks. Team members feel more responsible to deliver on-time and move the process forward. Management can see progress at any time from anywhere.

Intelligent, Automated Coordination

Perhaps the most significant innovation TeamworkIQ delivers is its ability to intelligently coordinate the teamwork involved in managing tasks and moving processes forward. Unlike other to-do list apps or project management software where process coordination is, like in Gawande’s examples, done by a person, with TeamworkIQ all the tedious effort of making sure work moves forward efficiently is handled by TeamworkIQ’s smarts. In fact that’s the core of our intelligent workflow platform. Say goodbye to all the effort involved in getting updates from the team via email or meetings and entering that data into spreadsheets or other tracking apps. TeamworkIQ handles all that for you, yet it’s smart enough to know when issues need to be escalated to your attention where your time is better spent.

World-Wide Collaboration

Many organization today operate across multiple offices with team members that could be anywhere in the world. TeamworkIQ’s checklists are securely accessible to anyone who needs to participate in the process. Anyone with an email address can be granted access enabling teams to include vendors, contractors, customers and more into the process.

Easy to Adapt

While Gawande’s primary focus was to find a way to get thing “done right” via checklists for standard operating procedures with built-in best practices, the reality of the modern workplace is that many processes are only generally understood at the outset. Perhaps major milestones and checkpoints are known along with some details, but as the process unfolds, the need for new steps and sub-tasks become apparent. TeamworkIQ makes adapting to such needs mid-process far more simple than any other option. In these cases, you simply update the checklist and press send again. TeamworkIQ makes sure everyone knows and continues moving work forward through the updated process.

TeamworkIQ – The Smart Checklist App

TeamworkIQ is not just another checklist app. It’s a smart app that fills the role of the intelligent, proactive, always aware checklist coordinator for your team ensuring everyone stays on-track and work moves forward. Now you can simplify your workday while moving work forward with less hassle.

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When typing up a process, simply outline who needs to do what. Reuse checklists as templates for recurring processes and standard procedures.

  • Use numbered lists to outline step-by-step processes. Mix in regular bullets for work that can happen in any order.
  • Add approval actions with one or more approvers.
  • Attach files, capture and share data using form fields. * (coming soon)
Processes and produceures, written as a collaborative checklist, turn into automated workflows. Task assginees and details can be added.
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