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Ultra-Efficient Loan Pipelines for Mortgage Production, Processing and Operations Teams

We quadruped our production and processing with TeamworkIQ.
Charlie Christensen
Branch Manager and Sr. Loan Officer
American Pacific Mortgage / Equity Mortgage Group

It coordinates every step of our “Lead to Loan” processes, tracks key details, documents and deadlines and saves everyone countless hours every day. We now produce four times the volume and things no longer fall through the cracks.

TeamworkIQ is much more than task-based workflows. It’s a simple, smart, and affordable business process management and process automation platform that helps mortgage teams be ultra-efficient. How?

From LOs and LOAs to Processors and Underwriters, everyone uses checklists to make sure things gets done right. Checklists are easy to create, easy to understand, and easy to use. However they are often created for one person’s needs and do little to enable the whole origination team to work together more efficiently. Now imagine an online, ultra-productive, collaborative checklist that coordinates every step of the process for every origination team member and integrates with your CRM+POS+LOS.

Sound efficient? It is. Here’s the proof…


  • 280% more revenue
  • 4x loans processed
  • 85% of time shifted from cost centers to profit centers
  • Elimination of costly errors and missed steps
  • Results in under 30 days
  • $0 added headcount
  • 8 hour implementation timeline

Team members also reported feeling less stressed than before since they knew TeamworkIQ was tracking all the details for the loan, start to finish so that nothing fell through the cracks.

APM Branch Manager, Charlie Christensen calculated “the first deal we closed paid for TeamworkIQ for 10 years,” a roughly 10,400% ROI before including payroll savings.

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All-time low interest rates have meant high demand for refinanced and new home loans. Organizations who lack the systems to capitalize on the high-volume market have struggled to scale their operations to serve more clients. Hundreds of details must be tracked for each loan. Origination teams must work efficiently together and not lose track of priorities, next steps, documents, and action items. Information is scattered across CRM, POS and LOS systems making it difficult for teams to know the status of the loan without having to hunt down details in various places. And trying to scale operations by hiring more Loan Officers, Assistant or Processors costs more and requires lots of time and training.


What if you could service more clients and process more loans by making your existing team ultra-efficient and scale without having to hire more people or outsource services? That’s exactly what a division of American Pacific Mortgage achieved with TeamworkIQ. TeamworkIQ’s simple process management, smart task coordination and automated workflows enables origination teams, LOs, LOAs, and Processors to significantly boost team productivity and produce results commensurate with those of a larger team.

What does it cost? TeamworkIQ multiplies the productivity of your team and can save them hours of time everyday. However, TeamworkIQ costs less than 1% of a full-time team member. Get a quote for your organization.


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