TeamworkIQ – Simple Process Management, Simple Workflow Automation, Automated Checklists, SOP Software with Big Results

Simple Process Management
Simple Workflow Automation
Smart Automated Checklists

Big Results

  • Manage teams who work from home, in the office, or remotely
  • Get visibility into everything and instantly know if issues arise
  • Streamline and scale operations with $0 added headcount
  • Automate workflows, recurring processes, and tasks in minutes
  • Make standard processes and SOPs clear and available to everyone
  • Eliminate wasted time, costly errors, and missed steps

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How does it work?

How TeamworkIQ Works

Create reusable process templates

Create, manage, and share reusable process templates and automated workflows.

  • Outline the process or checklist you need.
  • Assign tasks and due dates to people or roles.
  • Add forms, images, video, instructions, and conditional logic as needed.
reusable workflow process templates for recurring workflows and processes

Automate workflows

Start automated workflows from any template.

  • TeamworkIQ manages the process start-to-finish for you.
  • Work transitions automatically from one person to the next.
  • Track tasks and monitor due dates automatically.
automate workflows

Integrate with 1000’s of other apps

Automate more processes via Zapier or Open APIs

  • Launch new processes from events and data in your CRM
  • Kickoff new workflows every time a form gets submitted
  • Start monthly, weekly, daily, or other recurring checklists

…and hundreds of more possibilities to save you time and money.

Automate more. Integrate TeamworkIQ with 1000's of other apps.

Gather and share data

Add workflow forms and notes to easily gather and share information, files, data, approval decisions, comments, and more.

gather data, workflow forms, text field, approval decision menu, comments

Track progress

Always know what’s been done and what needs to get done next.

track workflow progress, progress bar, warning sign, task count, checklist checkmark done

Work Smarter

Why automate your workflows and recurring processes? The benefits of workflow automation and process management are many. Automated processes help you make sure things get done right, get done quickly, and get done without costly errors. All that adds up to meaningful savings and productivity gains. Plus, it frees up your time from having to coordinate and track processes the old fashioned way: in meetings or via email. Instead, work moves forward automatically and if issues arise, TeamworkIQ instantly lets you know.

Growing businesses run on repeatable processes. It’s how organizations scale. At TeamworkIQ we make your best processes repeatable. TeamworkIQ not only lets you document and share your processes and standard procedures with your team, it lets you kickoff and run multiple instances of that process when needed. Each time you do, each running process is tracked start to finish for everyone involved. Save time, save money, and eliminate costly errors with TeamworkIQ.

Discover how TeamworkIQ helps you and your team work smarter to accomplish more with less effort.

Automate workflows in minutes

Use TeamworkIQ to automate processes and workflows. Outline your processes using numbered bullets. Add layers of subtasks or sub-steps as needed. TeamworkIQ’s smarts will make sure prior steps are completed before next steps are assigned.

Streamline recurring processes

TeamworkIQ’s checklists guide everyone through the processes, standard procedures, and tasks required to get things done right. Checklists can be reused as templates for repeating processes. Any checklist can be adapted to handle unique situations.

Reduce costly errors

If you manage processes via email, spreadsheets, or written procedures, the more likely steps or details will get missed. Checklist-driven workflows provide an easy, intuitive way to make sure everyone gets things done right, the first time.

Increase accountability

When everyone works from the same workflow checklist, progress and next steps are immediately clear and team members become more accountable to each other. The result is that higher quality work gets done sooner.

mobile workflows. Many team members completing tasks.